Wondering how to homeschool a distractible,
impulsive, inattentive, or hyperactive student?

When I started homeschooling, I wasn't sure I could help my child focus. But I learned to customize his education and he made great progress.

Everything that worked for my child might not help yours, so I talked with hundreds of families homeschooling children and teens with ADHD and other attention problems and learning challenges.

I've gathered insights I'm eager to share, whether you're new to homeschooling, or an experienced homeschooler coming to terms with your child's attention issues. Homeschooling lets you customize instruction for your child's strengths, needs, and interests.
Let's get started!

Homeschool with ADHD: Set up for Success

Learn with Kathy!

Why learn from Kathy

Kathy Kuhl is a very gifted person and author. Her words totally resonated with me. Her ideas are practical, doable, and wise.
--Homeschooling parent in Virginia.

"She can talk the talk because she has walked the walk." --Veteran special education teacher and homeschooler.

Her scope of knowledge, sensitivity to the questions and needs of parents…, and list of resources are invaluable to any parent who homeschools their child.

--Larry B. Silver, M.D.

Kathy Kuhl
Kathy Kuhl

About Kathy Kuhl

I've helped hundreds of families adapt their homeschool for kids and teens with ADHD and other attention issues. I've written books, and given workshops and private consultations.
But now you can learn from me directly at your own pace through this course. I'm eager to help you!

What you'll learn

We'll cover these these topics over five sections. Each section will include provide short videos (5-12 minutes), so you don't need to sit and watch a whole section at once. You'll also get worksheets, resources, and tips.

The course will launch October 28, with a new section released each week. Join us!

upside-down teen in doorway
Use movement to help your child focus

I'll teach you how to use movement before, during, and between lessons to help your child or teen focus.

Calendar, pen and paper to help you schedule
Plan your schedule

In this module, you will learn how to schedule your year around the needs and preferences of your family. Homeschooling offers wonderful flexibilty. Enjoy it!

We'll also discuss why to break your year down into quarters or terms, and how to make your weekly plans in ways that help kids who struggle with attention.

And because life is uncertain (especially when you have kids with ADHD), we'll take about what to do when plans fail.

family walking in the woods
Plan where you'll homeschool

In this module, we'll consider the places you homeschool--inside your home and out.
When does your child need to sit? What makes good seating for this kid?

Learn to consider where your child can learn best for each activity. Also, we'll explore seating that can help your child focus better.

Your mindset matters
Your mindset matters and you can remake it

We'll consider your assumptions and attitudes that might be hindering your homeschooling.

You'll also become aware how your school experiences may be limiting your notions of how best to homeschool this child.

Your child's attitudes

Just as important as your attitudes and assumptions are your child’s. What do they expect about homeschool, about education? What do they think of themselves? Some of our kids have lost their love of learning and expect only failure. In this module, you’ll learn how to encourage discouraged students and rekindle their love of learning.

Example Curriculum

  Section 1: Introduction
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  Section 2: Use movement to help your child focus
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  Section 3: Plan your schedule
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  Section 4: Plan where you will homeschool
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  Section 5: Your mindset matters: how to improve it
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  Section 6: Help your children's attitudes
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Let me help you customize education for your child

Wonder how you could possibly teach this child? Want help getting started? Want to better customize instruction for your child with ADHD?
Let me help you adjust your homeschool with practical advice in bite-size nuggets. (I know how interrupted your day can be!) I'll provide short videos, transcripts, handouts, and tips. Work at your own pace.